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We Offer HR Solutions Executive Pursuit Recruitment & Selection Orientation & Development Turnkey Assignments HR Retention Policy & Measures Executive Search Our Practice Understand the need of the organization. Identify the potential candidates via: * Internal information network * Media means / advertisements / Job Portal Data-Bank * Inputs from the client organization Short-listing of 3-4 precise profile candidates by personal interviews done by us. Provide background information of short-listed to clients. Organizing personal interview of senior positions. Assistance in selection, joining and reference checks. Executive Search How are we unique? We have right credentials i.e. Introduction to domestic & international business with on the job experience in various fields in different industries. We pact with chosen few professional establishments and Job Portals for our Data Bank. We focus on search assignments for selection process. We focus on qualitative work by understanding the needs of our client as well as expectations of aspirant. We recommend only 3-4 candidates after our own meticulous short listing. We prefer to say no than to make halfhearted efforts. Our Interview Location : Besides our Unique services, we offer exclusive interview Rooms or Interview Hall to our clients at NO ADDITIONAL COST. We have Five Individual Interview Rooms, One Conference Room to seat 8 People and an Interview hall to accommodate 100 People. Our Location for Bulk recruitments is very well connected andCentrally Located in New Delhi. The Interviews are scheduled as "Walk-Ins", orScreened profiles are called for the interview here. OurLocation has all facilities like Fax,Photocopier,Internet etc. Most of our clients prefer to take interviews here as this place isWELL connected, advertised andknown. You may get in touch with our Corporate office and book an interview schedule. You may visit the following link :  HYPERLINK "http://signjobs.tripod.com/signjobscom/id11.html" http://signjobs.tripod.com/signjobscom/id11.html We assure you of our prompt and reliable service and look forward to a long-term business alliance with you. Thanking You For SignJobs  Puja Jhamb Principal Consultant Our partial client list consists of many established firms including: - Lucent Technologies MicroSoft India American Express FRC Samsung India Alliance- Infotech Tridnet Client Server Computing Ltd. ( USA) Citicorp / Citibank N.A Faraway Ventures ( USA / UK ) Mywebcity.com Net2travels.com Classteacher.com Net4Barter.Com Solution Hut Inc ( USA ) AIKION Solutions Limited Svam Software Ltd Essel Shyam HeadStrong / TechSpan Solix Inc (USA) Polaris Software Lab Ltd. HCL Systems CBRE Quest Software Services Inc (USA) Elan Software (P) Ltd TV 18 We are empanelled as a search house with many Customer Contact centers and Call Centers for their End to End Requirements. Solitar SignCalls ( Gurgaon ) iGate ( Noida ) HCL E-Serve ( Noida ) HalcyonAsia (LEGAL KPO) ( New Delhi ) Hero-ITES (Gurgaon) EXL Service (Noida) Globerian (MEDICAL KPO) ( New Delhi ) Inox Global ( Gurgaon ) Fiserv (FINANCIAL KPO) (Noida) Livewire Solutions ( New Delhi ) Bharti Teletech ( Gurgaon ) Copal Research (FINANCIAL KPO) ( Gurgaon ) WNS Global (FINANCIAL KPO) ( Gurgaon ) RMS.NA (FINANCIAL KPO) ( Gurgaon ) EMR Tech Ventures (FINANCIAL KPO) ( Gurgaon ) Finedge Solutions and Services ( New Delhi ) Skybiz cellnet ( New Delhi ) SM Telesystems ( New Delhi ) Info Vision Solutions ( New Delhi ) GENPACT ANALYTICS (KPO) ( Gurgaon ) E-Call International (Gurgaon) BossIntl (TECHNICAL KPO) (Noida) International Call Programs ( Noida ) Convergys ( Gurgaon ) Technoflux Solutions ( New Delhi ) Worldzen ( Gurgaon ) We offer complete solutions for Call center including CSRs ( Email, web, Page push and Voice ), Team Leaders, Shift Supervisors, Quality Assurance, Trainers and Technical personnel. We screen and advice on the HR related policies and Training Programmes. Standard Terms of Business Dear Friend, Please find enclosed our terms of business. The candidates will be covered for 3 months from the date of joining on the conditions mentioned herein: Professional fees: For Junior positions our consulting fee is equivalent to One Month gross emoluments (8.34%), From Middle Management Upto General Manager our consulting fee is 10.00% of Annual Gross emoluments and for All Levels above Senior Management including AVP, VP, Sr. VP, Chief of Technology, Head of IT Services & Chief of Operation, Finance & Activity our consulting fee is 12.66 % of Annual Gross emoluments. For headhunting our fee is 16.50% of Annual Gross emoluments. All the service charges are payable to www.SignJobs.com plus service tax as applicable vide Govt. of India notification No.53 / 98-ST. The employer shall provide us the copy of the appointment letter as soon as the same is issued to the candidate. SignJobs.com shall replace the candidate in an eventuality of his leaving the company in next 3 months from the date of joining. The payment shall be made within Twenty one Days of selecting the candidate. SignJobs.com gives the assurance of replacing the candidate free of cost only in case of his leaving the company for reasons known to himself, or in case of company terminating his services, within Three months from the date of his joining. However, this is subject to that the payment for candidates placement charges are received by SignJobs.com and such case shall be brought to the knowledge of SignJobs.com in writing and adequate time given to arrange any such replacement. The service charges are payable to SignJobs.com even if the candidates / resumes, forwarded by SignJobs.com, are considered for some other vacancies any time within the next one years time. All rejected resumes shall be sent back to SignJobs.com immediately after short-listing of the resumes that qualify for the first or subsequent rounds of interview. No candidate as well as papers / resumes will be diverted or passed on by the client to any group company or associates or friends or relations without the prior consent of SignJobs.com. In such situation SignJobs.com shall raise the bill for any such candidate with the company and the company shall be liable to pay the full amount as per the industry norms. Any candidate who further refers any other aspirant / friend for any position with your company that new candidate shall be considered referred by us and the fee is payable to us for that candidate as per the terms mentioned herein. We request you to please inform us the names of short-listed candidates along with their respective joining date and Designation at the earliest. We shall raise the payment advice after we receive your confirmations. Thanking you & assuring you of our best services at all times. With Regards, For SignJobs.com  Puja Jhamb [ Principal Consultant ] 98917-26236 puja@SignJobs.com     011-4244-5244, 4305-2200, 4305-2299 98917-26236, 98119-26236, 98108-26236, 98737-26236 CSignJobs.Com C service@speed of thought& %16LXby} 7 ' + ? }jM6M6M6M,h6h0 f5B* CJOJQJ^JaJph9Hh<|h6h.W5B* CJOJQJ^JaJph%h|h.WB* CJOJQJ^Jph1hy5hhy5h56B* CJOJQJ\]^Jph>Hh<|h|h.W56B* CJOJQJ\]^Jph5Hh<|hBh.W5B* CJOJQJ^Jph(hy5hhy5h5B* CJOJQJ^Jph2Hh<|h|h.WB* CJOJQJ^Jphy r/CEƀ<|G !Eƀ<|F$Eƀ<|a$%'('? 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